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October 26, 2019 @ 12:20 pm

#153 - The Sound of Jem’Hadar Music (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine S6E5)

Odo fucks! That's it, that's the description. Let me just throw "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" and "Favor the Bold" in there for the sake of SEO.

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October 18, 2019 @ 11:14 am

#152 - Linking Ruins Everything (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine S6E4)

It's finally here! We're talking Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's season six episode "Behind the Lines"! See the never before told story of how Kira, Odo and Leif Garrett rose to the top of rock and roll superstardom before almost losing it all to the temptations of wealth, fame, and access to the depths of sleaze that all those things bring! Wait. This isn't VH1. Disregard.

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October 11, 2019 @ 8:44 am

#151.5 - Blood Burn (Star Trek: Enterprise S4E5)

Soong's boys are back in town, his boys are back in town! We take a look at part two of Star Trek: Enterprise's Augment arc, which reveals the secret of Captain Archer's martial arts skills! Will he climb that ladder in time?!

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October 4, 2019 @ 8:37 am

#151 - All In the Family (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine S6E3)

Remember Worf's kid? Pepperidge Farm remembers... He's big now, and he isn't happy! This week, Into the Wormhole talks Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's season six episode "Sons and Daughters", which sees Worf and Alexander hug it out aboard a Klingon Bird-of-Prey! Also, Ziyal  is here and Dukat is a creep and Kira hates him. It's like Full House, but IN SPACEEEEEE!

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